Medical Director

Dr. Elise Brandwajn
Dr. Elise Brandwajn (“Dr. B”), is honored to have graduated from the number one veterinary school in the world, U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. She was offered membership into the prestigious Phi Zeta academic achievement society as well.

Dr. B is of French heritage and was lucky enough to have grown up in a bi-cultural home in the middle of Silicon Valley in San Jose. She has been active in the veterinary community since age 15, knowing she wanted to be a veterinarian since age 3!

Dr. B has always worked at larger fast-paced progressive practices, which has allowed her to learn many new and advanced therapies. She loves to continually learn. She has extensive emergency and critical care experience, and truly enjoys advanced medical and surgical case management. Her special interests include chemotherapy, ultrasound, internal medicine, surgery, geriatric medicine, multi-modal pain relief, and recently has discovered how amazing the class iv cold laser is.

Dr. B has worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a medical director and a practitioner for the past 10 years. She worked most recently as medical director of Sunset Animal Hospital in Fairfield, and truly enjoys seeing her devoted clients from Fairfield and the Bay Area. She feels extremely lucky to be reunited with her two best technicians from the Fairfield area in her new hospital. Dr. B is very excited to be working with local rescue groups, as a way of giving back to the supportive local communities!

When not at work, Dr. B lives in Woodland with her oldest son, and twin younger sons, 3 dogs, 1 cat and 2 turtles. ​​

Veterinary Nurses

My name’s Candace and I’m an incoming third year veterinary student. I’m 25 years old I’ve been studying veterinary medicine for the past 7 years. I graduated with a B.S. in Animal Science from Cal Poly Pomona and I just finished my second year of vet school at UC Davis. I have worked as a part time veterinary assistant for several clinics and upon completion of my second year in vet school, I am now the equivalent to an RVT. I’ll be with All 4 Paws for the summer until I return to school in August! I spent last summer here and I just had to come back. The staff have been some of the most welcoming and compassionate individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with and Dr. B offers the highest level of medical care I have seen throughout my endeavors – I hope to one day offer the same care to my patients and this is definitely where I’m going to learn how to do that!

I have two adorable fur babies – Mercy, a dilute calico that I adopted from the UC Davis Orphan Kitten Project when she was three months old, and Winston, a polydactyl tuxedo cat that I was fostering and inevitably fell in love with; they’re both around two years old now. In my free time, I enjoy cuddling with said fur babies, baking, hiking, video gaming, and changing up my hair color as much as possible!

Client Service Representatives

Alicia (Receptionist)
My name is Alicia, I have worked in the veterinary field for 6 years. I started working as a kennel tech and quickly learned I absolutely love working with animals, I then moved up as a veterinary Assistant and found my passion for helping animals in need. I have a son named Benjamin and a Siberian husky named Jade. I love spending my free time with family and I enjoy cooking, being outdoors, watching sports and working with animals.

Stephanie Santana
My name is Stephanie and I am a 36 year old mother of two handsome boys. We also have our dog Nora she is a 6 year old Maltese I call her my daughter we rescued her when she was about 8 months old from a family that could not take care of her. I also am a Certified Medical Assistant. I had gotten in to the medical field first because my boyfriend had gotten in a really bad accident and I basically lived in a chair next to his hospital bed for 45 days. I helped the nurses clean his tracheotomy tube and his feeding tube. This is when I wanted to learn more about medicine. So I started to work side by side with hospice I was there to help make things easier for my patients lasts months /days . But I was getting really attached to the clients and most were like family to me. But I needed a change It was kind of taking a toll on my heart so I decided to work for a vet because my brother is an RVT and I loved hearing all his stories about him helping save animals. I wanted to learn first hand so I was hired as a receptionist at a Veterinary clinic about a year ago and I loved seeing all the cats and dogs and interacting with them and their owners. I am so excited to learn more in the future I feel like working at All 4 paws is my calling. I love coming in to work it makes me feel good to help people with their pets. I am a very compassionate person and I truly love what I do.

Marie Moore
Hello my name is Marie. I have a wonderful husband whom I have been with for over 10 years. We have our hands full with a beautiful and precocious toddler, a cat, bunny, and a dog. I worked hard to get a B.S. in Biology while working at a clinic. I have been in the veterinary field for over four years now. I began in kennels and over time gained experience that allowed me to move around and help in all areas of a clinic, settling in reception. I enjoy helping and interacting with pets and their owners, and building a good relationship with both. I strive to help patients and their owners feel comfortable, understood, and that their concerns are addressed and questions answered. In addition I want owners to know they can trust us with their pet’s health and care. I enjoy photography, gardening, cooking, baking, reading and spending time with my family when not at work.