Each exam or emergency costs $45
We do NOT charge emergency fees on Sundays or any other days.
We just ask for your patience in being fit in with people who have scheduled appointments.
Please see our clinic tour below.
We have a dog and cat entrance to be cat friendly.

This is an example of the equipment we have to serve our patients with the best equipment and technology.

Extra tall kennels for larger dogs

  • We are settling in to our new home and wanted to take you on a virtual tour of all 4 paws veterinary Hospital.
  • We are open Monday-Friday 8-6, Saturday and Sundays 9-5
  • Our surgery suite
  • Centrifuges
  • Autoclave
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Brand new ultrasound unit
  • Fluid incubator warms fluids for very cold patients or for lavage fluids during surgery
  • Brand new xray unit.
  • Digital xray processing unit
  • Digital dental processing unit
  • In house CBC, chemistry, lactate, clotting time and blood gas analysis machine
  • We now feature high quality Zoetis oral once yearly bordetella vaccine
  • We are happy to carry rattlesnake vaccine “as well as life saving anti venom if a bite should occur”
  • The first dose is BOOSTERED 3-4 weeks later the first time, then once a year every spring.
  • We carry the thierosol free rabies vaccines for dogs made by merial
  • We carry the highly effective vanguard line that has been shown to cause fewer side effects and give better immunity faster
  • We also only carry the adjuvant free recombinant feline rabies and feline leukemia vaccines by merial
  • Merial is the only company offering the vaccines for cats that are least likely to cause any vaccine associated fibrosarcoma cancer in cats. That is all we use
  • We only use high quality cat vaccines as well
  • This is our anesthesia vitals monitor. It is the same kind of system as what is used in human medicine
  • We are extremely proud to be one of only a handful of clinics being trained and offering class 4 companion laser therapy by litecure
  • We use it on all post surgical wounds or post extraction dental surgeries, to speed up healing.
  • We also use it on arthritis or chronic injury or chronic inflammation situations.
  • It is the same unit that Uc Davis uses at their pain center.
  • Some of our decorations on the dog side
  • We are completely paperless, in an effort to do our part towards the environment. You will see us with these tablets , for questions and estimates, as well as xrays or bloodwork
  • We have a fully stocked in hospital pharmacy, so that we can treat the patient as effective as possible.
  • As mentioned we are completely paperless. So we will ask you to sign on electronic signature pads
  • This is our peaceful room. It is used to discuss a case, go over xrays, perform therapeutic laser treatments, or some euthanasias as well
  • We went all out to find comfortable chairs for clients
  • Front lobby
  • An example of the kennels we got.
  • We went above and purchased the option to have a higher height on the bottom for taller dogs